Want to get fired? Just make these mistakes

Some people seem incapable of holding down a job. And they’ll probably tell you it’s not their fault.


Many people sabotage their careers with bad habits and a poor attitude. If you don’t want to become one of them, steer clear of these mistakes that can land you on your employer’s short list of people to let go:


  • Chronic lateness. Showing up on time demonstrates reliability and commitment. If the boss doesn’t know when to expect you, he or she may decide not to wait around for you to appear.


  • Online antics. Resist the temptation to complain about your job online, or to post photos of yourself goofing off at work. They’re hard to keep hidden, and they indicate that you’re not serious about wanting to do the best job possible.


  • Sloppy personal habits. Even in a “casual” workplace, appropriate dress and hygiene are important. Unwashed T-shirts, beach sandals, and uncombed hair look unprofessional in any setting.


  • Egotism. You may sincerely believe that you’re smarter and more capable than most of your co-workers, but if you refuse to compromise, ignore the chain of command, or otherwise behave arrogantly, you’ll alienate people whose support you need. Your skills may save you for a while, but in the long run, managers look for people they can enjoy working with.


  • “It’s not my job.” A good work ethic tells supervisors and co-workers they can depend on you for results. If you’re constantly trying to evade extra duties or responsibility, you’ll be seen as someone who doesn’t care about the organization or its people.


  • Dishonesty. A lie on your résumé can get you fired, but even casual lies in the workplace can gain you a reputation as someone who can’t be trusted. Make an effort to tell the truth in every situation, especially when it means admitting a mistake.


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