Vacation Means Leaving Work Behind!

Whether you choose to put the blame on the economy and the heavy workloads and job insecurity that the recession has brought about or hold modern technology responsible, more and more people are finding it harder than ever to leave the office behind them when they head off on annual leave.  

Even if they are not “physically” working when they are on vacation, increasing numbers of workers are calling in to make sure their colleagues are managing in their absence, stepping in to solve work-related problems or checking office e-mails when they should be taking time off.  

Evenings and weekends already see most of today’s workers actively engaged in work-related thoughts, even if they are not actively engaged in actual workplace projects. This means that the 1-2 weeks that most people are entitled to by way of annual leave is often the only time they can claim as their own, and failing to use it properly to relax, unwind and rejuvenate themselves can not only lead to mental and physical exhaustion, but to a decline in their performance when they are at work.  

Annual leave is an entitlement and it is not granted without good reason. Don’t feel guilty about putting work behind you when you take time off, but use it to help yourself stay fighting fit. Like it or not, the business will survive without you, so get out there and enjoy!

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