Top Tips to Help You Find Work Life Balance

These days we hear a lot about work life balance and rightfully so because it’s very important to our overall health.

If we become too stressed and we are trying to cope with that stress day in and day out we are likely to find we create physical ailments or our mental health begins to suffer. Sadly, many of us don’t act unless we have physical symptoms but your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Let’s look at some top tips to help you find your work life balance. 

When you take control you can control of your life you can find ways to bring balance and harmony into it.

At Home

• Decide what chores you can let go or share with the kids or spouse. Make a list of household chores and determine which are critical. Let the rest go. For example, does it matter if the car gets washed weekly? Not at all.

• You need to create a buffer between your home and work. After work, take a little time to decompress. Go for a walk, listen to your favorite music, etc. and then let the work go. No answering texts or calls from your employer.

• Exercise regularly even if it’s only for fifteen minutes. You’ll be refreshed and energized from it. 

• Create a budget and start to set money aside every paycheck for your future.

At Work

• Only respond to email once a day, twice tops. Then shut your email program off and avoid the distractions. 

• Make a distinction between your time at work and your life. Protect your time away from work by turning off or refusing to answer work calls. Unless you are paid you are not at your employers beck and call 24/7.

• Schedule breaks for yourself during your work day. Your productivity will actually increase with a 10 minute break every two hours. If your boss disagrees show him the stats that show you become more productive and effective.

• As your day comes to a close prioritize your work for the next day, or as much as you can.

Creating a work life balance will make life easier, more enjoyable, and healthier both at work and at home. 

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