Tips to Make Your Workplace a Better Place

There are all kinds of workplaces – some are happy others are tense, some are easy going others are stiff.

Regardless of the type of workplace you work in, it can be an uncomfortable place sometimes. The good news is it doesn’t have to be.  Here are some great tips to make your workplace a better place.

Tip #1 If You are The Boss Don’t be a Slacker

Far too often bosses don’t work as hard as their subordinates do. That quickly begins to create animosity between you and your workers. Make it clear to those under you that you won’t ever ask them to do something you wouldn’t do and you wouldn’t ask them to work harder than you are willing to work. 

Tip #2 Keep a Cool Head

Sometimes things can get heated when you are dealing with someone who is being difficult. You might find yourself ready to lose your cool, which isn’t cool in the workplace. You’ve probably worked with children at some point. Think about how you taught the children to use manners and put that practice into play in your workplace, or use whatever technique that works for you so that you don’t get infuriated with your coworker.  

Tip #3 Hand Out the Compliments

When your coworkers do something nice or good around the office make sure that you acknowledge it. Your compliments can be personal and/or professional. It’s easy to focus on what people aren’t doing right in a workplace, but if you focus on what they are doing right your workplace will be a much better place. 

Tip #4 Don’t Subscribe to Toxic Thinking

One team feels they work harder than another team and the boss has no idea. You feel you pull your weight more than your coworker. The list goes on. Don’t get drug into this kind of toxic thinking. It will make you miserable at work. Instead, assume all of your coworkers are working just as hard as you are. If you can’t do that, then maybe you should look for a different job.

Four tips to make your workplace a better place to work. What are you waiting for? Put them into play today!

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