The Importance of a Positive Mind at Work

We hear a lot about being positive, whether it is in our personal lives or at work, but many of us still don’t really understand why it matters if we have a positive mindset at work. 

Let’s explore that a little further.

Our brains classify everything we do as either a reward or a threat. We tend to stay away from threats and gravitate towards rewards. It’s okay if you have to put out fires and if you have to spend your time problem solving, but for the most part if we are being creative we think better and collaborate better if we have a positive mindset and are moving towards our goal with our stress and threat response minimized. 

For example, you receive a call from a friend – that’s a positive experience and seen as a reward; however, if your boss yells at you that’s a negative experience and seen as a threat. 

Research has shown that vocalizing your emotions can help to turn an experience into a positive experience. Also, if you are able to learn to reinterpret your events you can take a potential threat and make it a reward. For example, you receive a tough project, which makes you anxious (threat) but instead you look at it as an opportunity to show who you are (positive).

Don’t forget to celebrate even your small wins. Our lives are extremely busy and are minds tend to always be focused on problem solving. We rush from one project to the next, seldom giving ourselves credit for anything we accomplish other than for those ‘big’ ‘impressive’ projects. Take the time to recognize what it is you have accomplished. Remember it is often the little accomplishments that lead to the bigger more dramatic accomplishments.

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