Synergy Realty Proposal

  Matt Episcopo Enterprises Inc.

Executive Summary

We appreciate your time in considering what we have to offer.


This Proposed Working Agreement is based on our previous conversations and knowledge of your business.


The primary goal of this agreement is to provide tools and strategies to help keep your attendees engaged during the event and engaged well after it’s over.


Matt Episcopo will capture your staffs’ attention, deliver powerful usable content and keep your meeting flowing smoothly.


With that being said, we can adjust and modify this proposal to meet your needs.


Ever wish you could read people’s minds? Figure out what others are thinking, feeling and going to do next. It’s time to gain the upper hand and learn the secrets to accurately identify and decode non-verbal behavior.


Through gaining this insight, you can uncover pertinent information regarding an individual’s thought process and inner feelings. Furthermore, empowering you to be more effective and tactful regarding your interactions, giving you the advantage in customer relations.


You can also take more control over your own non-verbal messages through being more self-aware. These skills have proven extremely valuable in any scenario including negotiations, business meetings, sales calls, networking, and dealing with customers.



Hi, I’m Matt Episcopo and I want to teach you these techniques as I break down and explain the science behind interpersonal communication.


After a rewarding career in law enforcement, I realized a lot of the skills I used interrogating criminals and working alongside my colleagues were ultimately the tools needed to be successful in the corporate world.


Whether it’s making a powerful first impression, gaining the trust of others or building stronger working relationships, it’s critical to understand the messages being silently communicated and adapt your approach to the situation at hand.


My easy to learn method will give you the personal power to analyze, strategize and take action in any situation. It’s time to gain the upper hand! 


This Highly Decorated Law Enforcement Veteran Is A Leading International Speaker, Author And Coach.


For More Than 25 Years Matt Episcopo’s Presentations, Keynotes, And Regularly Featured Appearances On TV, Radio And Newspapers Have Made An Immediate And Lasting Impact On Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Around The World, Helping To Create Memorable Programs And Events.


His Clients Have Included Ogilvy, Microsoft, Department Of Defense, Pepsi, Toyota, Buffalo Bills, Verizon, Home Depot, Usherwood Office Technology, Time Warner Cable, Cornell University, SII Group, Sutherland Global, Carrier, Multisorb Technologies, NYS Woman Inc, Cornell University, Department Of Justice And Many More.


Matt Episcopo Effectively Teaches How To Connect, And Make A Positive And Powerful First Impression, That Will Build Trust And Confidence Upon First Meeting. Learn How To Have An Advantage And Communicate By Using The Same Techniques As FBI Hostage Negotiators, And Convert Meetings Into Relationships For Business And Life.

Proposed Options

Basic Package

  1. Pre-Event Consultation
  2. Workshop up to 3 hours

Suggested Package

  1. Pre-Event Consultation
  2. Workshop up to 6 hours or 3 separate workshop sessions up to 2 hours each
  3. Book provided to each attendee

Optimal Package

  1. Pre-Event Consultation
  2. Workshop up to 6 hours or 3 separate workshop sessions up to 2 hours each
  3. Book provided to each attendee
  4. Support/Assets: Optimal package includes the following support and assets for each person, to continue learning and support for implementation of lessons learned: 52 (weekly) online micro trainings 12 (monthly) video trainings, Discounts to future training events by Matt Episcopo Enterprises (Value of $1,000 per person, outside of training contract)

Package Components

Pre-Event Consultation


We will work with you to identify key objectives and create a custom program to meet your needs. We can recognize key attendees, include prominent employees or clients in the program, and even deliver your specific company or brand message. By getting a full understanding of your business we’ll be able to modify our program to better connect with your audience. Additionally we are able to leverage our more than 25 years experience to provide insight on timing, duration, event flow, and more. Pre-Event Consultation is included with all packages.



About The Workshop Sessions: 


Matt Episcopo has gained expert status in leadership, communication and reading body language. The program we have in mind for your group is entitled:


Gain The Upper Hand


This interactive evidence-based program offers a unique approach to the lost art of influential communication. 



Being credible and influential is something everyone wants, but few people realize that it is a learned skill, not an innate gift. 



We’ll discuss why some people connect easily and some don’t, how to avoid deal-killing body language blunders, and even certain things that evidence has shown must be avoided at all costs (seriously). 



Your guests will not only be inspired and moved by the message of human connection, but they will walk away with a step-by-step understanding of what to do and why. 



We’ll even have lots of laughs and “wow” moments along the way. 



Much more, this is a true experience that will provide them with valuable tools that they will use personally and professionally. 



In addition this is a program that they will talk about for a long time to come.




How To Create A Point Of Impact

Tips From An Interrogator 

Power Tactics That Get Leaders Results

Power Up Your Success



The key points or ideas will be covered:


This workshop will cover essential ground-setting techniques for attendees to establish credibility, trust and rapport the hallmarks of successful communication for sales. 



Topics covered include: 

Internal dialogue for success; first impression and why how you dress matters; proper handshake and how to respond to improper handshakes from others (including the over- the-top move and the limp fish).



Tactics to build and maintain rapport for long term relationships. 



The Persuasion Process: how to convince others towards your desired result. 



Networking: learn effective techniques for this real-time lead generator, including proper preparation and plan attack for a networking opportunity. 



Reading and decoding body language to qualify leads and making your “pitch”.



Testimonial Acquisition: your sales or outreach team will learn easy-to-use, effective ways to gain testimonials and using them to your advantage.



Other topics are available for your consideration can be found HERE

Point Of Impact

Make a strong first impression and establish yourself as a leader. Includes confidence and preparation, credible personal appearance and powerful greeting sequence.

Body Language

Learn to and decode the secrets of body language, to maximize effective communication.

Building Rapport

Learn an easy way to build rapport to enhance relationships under any situation.

Persuasion Process

How to convince others towards your desired result.


Learn effective techniques for this real-time lead generator, including proper preparation and plan attack for a networking opportunity; reading and decoding body language to qualify leads and making your “pitch”.

Testimonial Acquisition

Your sales or outreach team will learn easy-to-use, effective ways to gain testimonials and using them to your advantage.

Support Materials

Here are just a few of the skills you will learn in this book:


How To Create A Point Of Impact

Build confidence, trust and rapport in under 10 seconds by using this secret sequence used by expert interrogators. Take your first impression to a whole new level and make a lasting positive first impression.


Secrets of Body Language

Learn how to see 80% more than you do now and use it to your advantage. Follow their clues like a pro… people call Matt the “psychic detective” and he will teach these skills to you.


Decoding & Interpreting Nonverbal Communication

Their bodies are leaking clues, and yours might be, too. This could be the difference between deal and no deal.


How To Secretly Use NLP

Matt has been called a “human polygraph”. The eyes will show you where where to take your conversation with out them even knowing. Matt will show you how to add this powerful weapon to your arsenal.


How To Instantly Build And Maintain Rapport

with anyone… Think about it, Matt built rapport with criminals, like rapists, murderers, and thieves, who knew his goal was to put them in jail for what they did. Learn the secret so you can do it too.

Matt Episcopo’s Best Selling Book – How To Gain The Upper Hand – P.O.W.E.R Tactics That Get Leaders Results!!!

is all about real world, practical application of evidence-based strategies  about influential communication. A copy for each guest would make a nice keepsake as well as help them continue to learn and apply the material long after the event and further their learning. 


GOOD NEWS! Suggested and Optimal Packages include a copy of Matt’s best-selling Book for each attendee. 


52 (weekly) Micro Training PDFs

Each week, you will receive an email containing a micro training PDF on a variety of business related personal development topics.  These weekly trainings should be shared with your attendees to focus on continued learning and development throughout the year.  Included in the Optimal Package.

Each Training Sessions Is Approximately 60 Minutes

Session 1 – Preparation, how to create a point of impact upon first meeting.



Session 2 – Observation, some of the secrets of body language.



Session 3 – Win Them Over, rapport building and business cards.



Session 4 – Emotional Connection, story telling to get to yes.



Session 5 – Video testimonial acquisition and deployment.



Session 6 – Retain and Networking, what to do before, during and after.

Investment, Terms & Conditions



Event Title: How To Gain The Upper Hand


Event Date: Starting in January, 2019


Event Location: TBD New York, NY


Primary Contact: Matt Episcopo


Contact Company: Matt Episcopo Enterprises Inc.


Proposal Creation Date: October 1, 2018


Matt Episcopo Enterprises Inc. will provide Matt Episcopo as the presenter and point of contact to help with pre-work preparations, logistics, and set-up procedures, technical requirements for the training. Matt Episcopo will be involved in all preparation aspects of the project including coordinating the pre-event consultation.


Matt Episcopo Enterprises Inc. will bring any included products with him. These products are intended to remind and reinforce client’s brand and the event objective.


For the training sessions, client will provide adequate sound, lighting, room and A/V. Video projector(s) or monitor(s) so all attendees can clearly see the slide presentation. An HDMI or VGA connection to presenter’s laptop is required. Presenter may require a wireless hands-free microphone (earset or lav) and one handheld mic. if in a large room. Also a 1/8” connection into sound system for laptop sound during presentation.


We assess a single project fee for our work so that you can control expenses tightly. Within the objectives and parameters described above, we will commit as much time as necessary prior to the scheduled training to fulfill the objectives.




Services to cover total training package detailed above.


Basic Package $7,500


Suggested Package $10,000


Optimal Package $11,000.00


This project is non-cancelable and there is no rescheduling once dates are confirmed. 


This agreement also includes providing Matt Episcopo with one testimonial and two referrals (obviously contingent upon our company achieving the objectives outlined in this agreement). 


The investment schedule in this agreement will expire one month from Proposal Creation Date.



Call or email us now to confirm which package you have chosen. 


A 50% deposit is required upon acceptance of this agreement.   


You will then receive a copy of the agreement to authorize, W9 form, certificate of liability and invoice. You will also receive a link to your Portal Page where all documents will be located in one easy access page. 


The remaining 50% balance due is due on the date of your event.

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Call or email us now to confirm which package you have chosen. You will then receive a copy of the agreement to authorize. You will also receive a link to your Portal Page where all documents such as the W9 form, certificate of liability and invoice and other helpful documents will be located in one easy access page.

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