Speaker, Author, Coach Matt Episcopo Achieves Virtual Presenter Certification

Matt Episcopo has achieved Virtual Presenter Certification from eSpeakers; assuring your company/association or group of Matt’s ability to deliver professional, high quality training and speaking content via virtual format.  

“As an early adapter of technology, I have been proficient in professional video production and online delivery of content for years.  This certification acknowledges the professionalism and high quality that I consistently deliver through my online programs and training.” Said Matt Episcopo

To achieve Virtual Presenter Certification, eSpeakers conducted a live test of Matt’s ability to deliver virtual programming.  Matt was rated on key performance indicators that show proficiency in the online platform, as well as strong command of technology including:

  • Professional (live) background, visual presence and free from distraction
  • Good audio and visual quality including microphone, sound, camera and lighting
  • Timing speed of network break recovery (Goal 60 seconds; Matt tested at 7 seconds!)
  • Backup contact in real time
  • Proficiency in addressing technical issues
  • And more


You can see his full score here.  


About Matt:

Matt Episcopo has redefined the formula for personal power, leadership and business success. Matt knows that the real way to become effective is to build credibility, trust and solid relationships. When we establish trust and credibility, others will say “Yes” to our ideas, products and services.

His efforts have helped associations and companies around the world improve their leadership, customer retention and employee engagement.  From start-ups to Fortune 500’s, Matt is widely recognized as an energizing and engaging presenter. He is author of the book “How To Gain The Upper Hand, P.O.W.E.R. Tactics That Get Leaders Results”. 


His top virtual programs include: 

  • Active Listening, The Key to Connection: Tune In or Be Tuned Out
  • What? So What? Now What? Questions for Empowering Action
  • You, We, I: Psychological First Aid For The Workplace
  • Non Verbal Communication Simplified: Expert Tips For Better Understanding 
  • Meetings That Matter: Designing And Running Meetings Like A Pro
  • Time Management Productivity Hacks: 2 Simple Tips That Get Results


About eSpeakers: 

eSpeakers began in 1999 to bring enterprise-quality tools to the professional speaking industry. Since then, eSpeakers has become the place where the speaking industry does business on the web.


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