Should you throw out your to-do list?

To-do lists have long been the traditional approach to managing schedules and commitments. But today there’s a growing trend to get rid of the to-do list. Should you? That depends.

If your to-do list works for you, why throw it out?

But if you’re like a lot of people and you use your to-do list as a sort of ongoing, guilt-inducing reminder of things you need to do but keep putting off, then tossing it might be the best move for your emotional well-being.  

Here’s one way of dealing more efficiently with tasks that need to get done:  

As each task arises, ask yourself when exactly you are going to do it.  

Then write it on your calendar or put it in your electronic organizer, giving yourself an appropriate amount of time to accomplish it.  

When the day arrives, you will look at your calendar and take care of the task at the allotted time rather than letting it loom on your to-do list every day.  

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