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Celebrity Kari Michaelsen

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National Conference Dr. Cori Repp

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Townsquare Media President Karen Carey

ESSAE Executive Director - Vanessa LaClair

APC Executive Director - Donna Gurnett

Dubai Corporate Event Alex

Dubai Corporate Event Sarah

CEO Allan Robison

C&S CEO John Trimble

Corporate Workshop

Pyramid Brokerage Company

Lawyers With Purpose - Briana Moriarty

Capital District Counselors Association Testimonial

Women In Development - Rave Reviews!!!

HUNT Reality Leadership Workshop

Association Keynote Kim Kelly

Association Keynote Matt Tohms

New York State Police Keynote

Singapore Workshop Raj

Cornell University - Thersa O'Connor

CEO Paul Maguire

Canada Event Dwight Thompson

Canada Event Producer Tony Sibald

LA Training Event Dr. Bruno

LA Training Event Dr. Hilda

Training Event Dr. Rima

Training Event Dr. Tracey

Corporate Training Becky Craine

Corporate Traininig Bilitier Electric

Corporate Sales Training

Corporate Sales Training

Association Keynote Jay Patel

Association Keynote Juanita

National Keynote Dr. Lee

National Keynote Lucy

Corporate Sales Training Steve

Corporate Sales Training

Corporate Training Paige

Corporate Training Mark

CCI Sales Conference

Justin PA Farm Bureau

Patti NY Farm Bureau

International Training Andrea

International Training Dame Walker

International Training Manuel

International Training Ralph Esq.

Perdue University Training

Meeting Planners International (MPI) Rave Review

Event Planner Jorge From LA

Kevin Gives Rave Review

Coaching Client HMA Paving