Recognizing Burnout in Your Top Performers

Anyone, of course, can suffer from the effects of overwork and stress, but top performers who are typically very driven and committed individuals are often more prone to burnout than their more relaxed colleagues and co-workers.

Unfortunately for managers though, these incredibly valuable employees frequently put up with so much over long periods of time that the first their bosses know of their distress is when the resignation letters hit their desks.

Often, however, there are some quite noticeable signs of burnout that managers can use to help avoid a less-than-desirable outcome. Here are three key things to look out for.  

1 -Drops in performance or productivity. High performers pride themselves on delivering great things, so if you see any decline in their performance or productivity, this is often a good indicator that all is not well.

2 – Increased absence or lateness. Workers often take more time off or start turning up late as a means of regaining some of the control they feel they have lost in the workplace. Plus, of course, if work is causing them stress, it’s the last place they want to be.

3 – Changes in moods and workplace relationships. Depression, irritability, negativity and strained relationships in individuals who don’t normally exhibit these characteristics frequently indicate underlying problems.   Burnout is usually noticeable because it brings about changes in workers’ behavior, so if you spot any of the above, then take action sooner rather than later.  

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