Public Liability Insurance – Are You Covered?

Public liability insurance might rank high on the list of priorities for large organizations that have frequent and regular dealings with customers and members of the general public, but sometimes it can be overlooked for smaller concerns.

Any business where there is the potential for clients, customers, suppliers or anyone else to become injured or suffer damage to their property or possessions is strongly advised to ensure that they take out some form of public liability insurance that will cover them in the event of a claim that is made against them.  

Although it is not uncommon for smaller businesses to try to save money by not taking out public liability insurance, the cost of the premiums is minimal compared to the amounts that they could become liable for should they be sued for an accident or damage to property.  

While the chances of anything untoward happening might be relatively low, if something should occur, it could literally wipe out a small business overnight.   When it comes to public liability insurance, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!  

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