Prepare for uncertainty when planning your career

You may love your job today, but you can’t assume it will be around tomorrow. 

These days job security is uncertain, and smart people are prepared for changes in their career path at a moment’s notice. Follow this advice for staying on track no matter who or what tries to shove you aside:

• Analyze your career documents. Is your résumé current? Does it spell out what you’ve done to add measurable value, instead of just listing your various job titles over the years? Be sure that your references are up to date and that you have some good stories to tell about how your work has contributed to your organization’s success.

• Network. Devote some time every week to making connections within your industry. The more people who know what you’re capable of, the better positioned you are for any sudden transitions.

• Become active. Join relevant professional and trade associations, and take a leadership role wherever you can: Serve on committees, help with marketing efforts, etc. Don’t just show up for meetings and sit there.

• Market your expertise. Write articles for trade websites to get your name around. Volunteer to speak to trade associations, as well as schools or local community groups about your profession and industry. The more visibility you have, the better for your long-term prospects.

• Develop new skills. Sign up for courses and seminars on any skills that might help you do your job better and advance in your career. A commitment to improvement appeals to potential employers who like to see initiative.

• Contribute more. Look for ways to help your organization, your co-workers and fellow managers, and your networking contacts. A reputation for pitching in wherever you’re needed will reap benefits throughout your career.


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