Orient New Workers Quickly

Companies today often don’t have the time to conduct extensive orientation sessions for new hires. But getting newcomers up to speed quickly is as important as ever.  


Here are some tips for getting “the new person” started:  


  • Don’t overload them. Start with information that directly affects their current job. Skip the interesting but unnecessary history of the company. Don’t explain outbound sales calls, for example, if they’re starting with inbound customer calls.


  • Find out what they know. If they’re already familiar with certain functions of the job, don’t waste time “teaching” them.


  • Assign one person to take charge of each new employee. Try not to hand new people off from one supervisor to another. An immediate supervisor or HR person should stay with the new hire throughout the first day and much of the first week.


  • Recognize their accomplishments. New hires want to know what they need to do, why they need to do it, and—most important—whether or not they’re doing it correctly. Make a point of recognizing their improvement, no matter how small, to build confidence.


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