Managers should strive for versatility

Much of managerial learning comes from on-the-job experience. And for that reason, you need to remain open to what the workplace can teach you.  


According to the Center for Creative Leadership, the following principles of learning are essential to your development as a manager:


  • If an experience is challenging, you will learn. Unfortunately, many managers, wanting to feel and appear in control often veer away from all challenging situations. That means they are also veering away from their best—and possibly their only—opportunities to learn what they need to know.


  • When you are faced with challenging situations, you should not cling to behaviors that are comfortable to you. You should be open to many learning tactics. You might be willing to face challenges, but if you respond with the same behaviors repeatedly, you lose the opportunity to learn new, and possibly better, ways of handling difficult situations.


Remember, your goal is to become as versatile a learner as possible.  


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