Looking for a promotion? Don’t blow it

You’ve got your heart set on a promotion at work, but you know that wishes aren’t enough. You’ve got to earn advancement, and a big part of that effort is avoiding mistakes that can ruin your chances.

If you’re preparing to get promoted, don’t commit any of these errors:

• Unrealistic expectations. You should express your interest in advancement, but don’t expect to get everything at once—a raise, a new office, full authority, and so forth. You’ll need to prove you’re up to the job you want before you receive all the perks.

• Lack of initiative. Organizations promote employees who solve problems on their own. If you wait around for managers or co-workers to ask you for help, you’ll be seen as someone who’s only interested in doing the bare minimum. Take the reins as much as you can.

• Relying on one skill. You may be the best programmer in the company, but if that’s your only talent, you’re unlikely to reach the higher ranks. Versatility is crucial as you take on more responsibility. Stretch yourself to show you’re willing to take risks and committed to growth.

• Going over your boss’s head. Most organizations take the chain of command pretty seriously. When seeking a promotion, start with your own boss—don’t go straight to his or her boss, or the CEO. You need to show due respect for the people with the power to decide your future.

• Neglecting the benefit to your boss. Don’t base the promotion on your personal goals alone. When making your case, emphasize how you can help your manager, your team, and the organization in a new position. If the decision is win-win for both of you, your chances of success will increase.

• Short-term thinking. Consider your career as a whole. Will this promotion advance your long-range goals, or lock you in a dead-end job? Don’t pursue the next rung on the ladder just because it’s there. Be patient and look for opportunities that will lead to ultimate success.

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