Engage your audience with an interactive, memorable and motivational Keynote experience. Companies, associations and groups hire Matt to deliver a Keynote Speech at their conferences and meetings. Sessions are interactive, hands on and energetic.


Imagine your attendees raving about what a great time they had, learning from a world class expert and having tools that they can and will use before the session is even over. That’s what Matt Episcopo delivers every time, in a fun interactive way.

Matt’s Top Requested Keynote And Topics For You

Matt’s exceptional ability to deliver clear leadership, communication and personal development tactics, and his unparalleled hands-on approach make a tremendous impact on audiences around the world.


The ability to establish trust and credibility can mean the difference between an organization thriving or dying. You will learn how to successfully lead through this changing world and to fully realize opportunities and avoid barriers.


Increase your performance and results. Learn strategies for making an emotional connection and tools to improve your effectiveness.

Personal Power

Use your “Personal POWER” to lead and inspire others to achieve the results you desire regardless of your role in leadership, management or as a team member!

Gain the Upper Hand: The Science Behind Human Connection

This session will cover essential ground-setting techniques for attendees to establish credibility, trust and rapport- the hallmarks of successful leaders.

Topics covered include: internal dialogue for success; first impression and why how you dress matters; proper handshake and how to respond to improper handshakes from others (including the over- the-top move and the limp fish); tactics to build and maintain rapport for long term relationships.


This session brings attendees the ‘why’ and ‘how to’ employ skills that are imperative to success for leaders, but are not commonly taught today. 


It bridges the gap between generations and is applicable to all leaders, in every face-to-face encounter. 


The skills taught are critical for building lasting relationships with key stakeholders: donors, coworkers, collaborators, members and more.



Session Objectives and Immediate Takeaways:


– Attendees will learn how to establish themselves as leaders and have command presence.


– Attendees will learn how to build confidence and trust in under 10 seconds.


– Attendees will learn how to make their first impression a powerful point of impact.


– Attendees will learn techniques to build rapport and lasting relationships among diverse audiences and stakeholders.



“This was an excellent way to break down essentials and reinforce the importance of investing time building relationships.”


Gain the Upper Hand: Networking

Develop quality contacts through effective networking.

We all network every day!


Is your networking paying off for you?


Are you collecting business cards or making meaningful connections?


Networking is an essential activity for all business professionals.


Everyone can learn strategies to make networking efforts productive.


Networking correctly builds business and drives revenue and profits!


In this highly interactive and fun workshop nationally recognized communication expert and author Matt Episcopo will take you through the steps of networking and share how the best networkers make networking work for them! 


You will leave this session and immediately be a better networker and that skill set will help you get the return you deserve from your networking activity.



Session Objectives and Immediate Takeaways:


1. The skills of great networkers


2. How to make networking fun and make it work for you


3. How to network efficiently and get the results you need



“I really appreciated the format of this workshop. I have anxiety in social situations and networking is not my best trait.  Matt’s workshop helped break it down into pieces that I could manage and master.  I know what I need to do now, and I can totally handle this.” 


“The best part of this workshop for me was Matt’s format to an alternative to the ‘pitch’ and how to engage someone where they actually want to know more!”  


Inside Tips from An Expert Interrogator

Verbal And Non Verbal Communication Strategies

Ever wish you could read people’s minds?


Figure out what others are thinking, feeling and going to do next.


It’s time to gain the upper hand and learn the secrets to accurately identify and decode non-verbal behavior.


Through gaining this insight, you can uncover pertinent information regarding an individual’s thought process and inner feelings.


Furthermore, empowering you to be more effective and tactful regarding your interactions, giving you the advantage.


You can also take more control over your own non-verbal messages through being more self-aware.


These skills have proven extremely valuable during negotiations, business meetings, interviews and more.



Session Objectives and Immediate Take Aways:


  • Learn how to decode the body’s clues that tell you important information that is often overlooked


  • Use communication strategies to adapt your approach and timing for maximizing your impact


  • Create an effective Communication Feedback loop.



“Now that I know what I learned from Matt, I can’t stop noticing these things happening!  It’s like I can read minds!”  


“Holy smokes, this is powerful stuff.  I’ll never see facial expressions the same way again”

Gain The Upper Hand: Team Building

Powerful tactics to build powerful teams

This highly interactive workshop features extensive attendee participation and many exercises that help bonding, problem solving and cooperative behavior.


Working in a successful and happy team is extremely satisfying and heavily influences employee retention and productivity.


The cooperative atmosphere, the ease of achieving big results and the sense of significance of belonging to a successful team is very appealing.


Working as part of such optimal teams is the dream of any individual and organization. 


Being part of an effective and functioning team boosts resilience in times of adversity, commitment to the cause and bolsters retention.


This workshop focuses on transforming a group of people to a team of motivated individuals who work smoothly towards a common goal.


We’ll even have lots of laughs and “wow” moments along the way.


Much more, this is a true experience that will provide them with valuable tools that they will use personally and professionally.


This is a program that they will talk about for a long time to come.



Session Objectives and Immediate Take Aways:


  • Identify the core qualities of a team and the secret to its efficiency


  • Communication techniques that build solid business relationships


  • Ability to change perspective and appreciate diverse viewpoints



“Hey Matt, that program was awesome! We loved the knots activity so much, we want to make t-shirts about it, can you send us a picture of it?”  

Additional Topics For Your Customized Presentation


This top rated women’s empowerment program is full of tips, techniques and strategies to give women the upper hand personally and professionally.

Body Language

Learn to and decode the secrets of body language, to maximize effective communication.


Learn effective techniques for this real-time lead generator, including proper preparation and plan attack for a networking opportunity; reading and decoding body language to qualify leads and making your “pitch”.

Team Building

Create a highly effective team that produces the results you desire.

Point of Impact

Make a strong first impression and establish yourself as a leader. Includes confidence and preparation, credible personal appearance and powerful greeting sequence.

Negotiation and Persuasion Process

How to convince others towards your desired result.

Time Management

Master each day and be more productive than ever.

Testimonial Acquisition

Your sales or outreach team will learn easy-to-use, effective ways to gain testimonials and using them to your advantage.

Public Speaking

Give an interesting, effective and memorable presentation.

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