Why Is Captain Episcopo’s Interview Techniques Training A Better Option?

Some Chiefs and Sheriffs would like to know why Matt Episcopo’s Interview Techniques training is a better option for their staff.


Simple, because it is a complete package, that gives the attendees a blueprint with multiple tools and techniques to use for each scenario they encounter.


In addition, it offers continued resources and learning at no additional charge. Who else does that? Most other courses teach only one technique and no follow-up.



Here is what a recent attendee had to say:

“I attended Matt Episcopo’s 2-day Interview Techniques class in Massachusetts last month. His enthusiasm as an instructor matched his passion for providing high-quality, relevant methods for interviewing subjects and extracting confessions. I was pleased that his ability to deliver the material using PowerPoint, videos, open-response discussion and role-playing led to two days of valuable learning. Great job.”



Law enforcement professionals are tasked with the difficult job of gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses, victims, and suspects.


As a result, it is essential that they possess strong interview skills in order to effectively and efficiently get the information they need.


Without proper training, law enforcement officers risk making mistakes that could lead to costly errors or worse, a miscarriage of justice.


The most important skill for any law enforcement professional is the ability to conduct an effective interview.


Interviews are a critical part of the investigative process, and the information gathered during an interview can be the difference between a successful investigation and a failed one.


Matt listens to what department heads are looking for.


  • We don’t have much of a training budget. No problem, host the course at your agency and get free seats for your staff to attend.


  • I don’t have the money to send my staff out of town for training. No problem, Matt will come to your agency and do the training.


  • My staff needs help talking face-to-face with people. No Problem, Matt will show them several different techniques to have quality, intentional conversations, that will produce results.



If you are a law enforcement professional looking to improve your interview techniques, then Matt Episcopo’s Interview Techniques course is the perfect choice for you.


Matt Episcopo is a highly experienced law enforcement professional and has been teaching interview techniques for over 20 years.


He has worked with hundreds of law enforcement agencies around the country and has developed a comprehensive evidence-based course that is tailored to the needs of modern law enforcement professionals.


Here are just a few of the topics covered:

  1.  Confidence, Mental Rehearsal, Considerations, Environment
  2.  Dress For Success, Handshake
  3.  Body Language
  4.  Preparation, Active Listening, Building Rapport
  5.  Interviewing Victims & Witnesses, Psychological First Aid, Enhanced Cognitive Interview
  6.  Miranda, Legal Issues
  7.  Conversation Management
  8.  Questions and Statements
  9.  Behavioral Analysis Interview
  10.  Departure, Critique
  11.  Statement Analysis
  12.  Case Studies
  13.  Testifying In Court, Additional Tips, Review


The course is designed to help law enforcement professionals improve their interviewing skills and become better at obtaining accurate and reliable information from suspects, victims and witnesses.


Matt Episcopo’s Interview Techniques course is divided into three sections: the basics, advanced techniques, and real-world scenarios.


The basics section covers the fundamentals of interviewing, such as the importance of rapport building and the different types of questions to ask.


The advanced techniques section covers topics such as how to effectively use body language and how to interpret nonverbal cues.


Finally, the real-world scenarios section gives students the opportunity to practice their skills in simulated situations.


The course also includes a comprehensive set of resources, including lecture notes, sample questions, and practice scenarios.


Matt Episcopo’s Interview Techniques course is an excellent choice for law enforcement professionals who are looking to improve their interviewing skills.


It provides a comprehensive overview of the basics and advanced techniques of interviewing, as well as plenty of resources and personalized instruction.


With Matt Episcopo’s help, law enforcement professionals can become more effective at obtaining accurate and reliable information from suspects, victims, and witnesses.


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