Just Been Promoted Over Your Peers? Then It’s Time to Start Talking

A promotion should be great cause for celebration, but for those people who have been promoted over their peers, life isn’t always easy, especially if one or more of the latter also applied for the job.

Rather than just ignoring the feelings of those who are now going to be working under you, it is always better to face them right at the start and talk about any issues that are likely to stand in the way of you and your team working together successfully.  

The mere act of acknowledging that your promotion is likely to cause some discomfort for everyone during the early days, can go a long way toward alleviating ill feelings.  

If you sense that certain members of your team doubt your ability to fill the role successfully, however, often it helps to get your new boss involved by asking him or her to outline to the group the aims and objectives of your role and why you were chosen to fill it.  

When talking to anyone who applied for the position, acknowledge that they must be feeling disappointed, but also ask if they have any advice to offer you and express your wish that you will be able to work harmoniously together.  

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