How to remember a name

Do you have trouble remembering names after you meet people? If you do, you might want to try the following technique to aid your memory:

1. Focus. You want to send a positive message to the person you’re meeting. Pay attention to your pose. Are you leaning in, are you telling the person that this moment is important to you and that he or she has your undivided attention?

2. Ask. Repeat the name back to the person you’re meeting. Ask if you’ve got it right. This makes you an active participant in the meeting and shows that you are paying attention.

3. Make sure you know how the person’s name is spelled. It will help cement it in your mind. And once you have repeated the name and the spelling in your mind, cross reference it with something else— possibly a celebrity’s name that you are already familiar with.

4. Employ. Once you have everything clarified, it is very helpful to introduce your new acquaintance to someone else. This makes you say the name out loud and fixes it in your memory.

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