How to Ensure Peak Performance Every Day

Performance – every day, we find ourselves in situations where you need to not just perform, but perform at your peak, and that can be difficult and stressful. 

Here are 3 simple things you can do to ensure you perform at your peak every day. 

#1 Leave Your Email to Later in the Day

In the morning we are operating with a ‘full tank of gas,’ so this is a good time to attack those bigger projects that require you to have strong ‘thinking power.’ Unless you are in a position where your email could be time sensitive or emergency related, leave answering your email until later in the day. 

Why? Because the minute you download your email, your brain is going to become inundated with ideas, information, etc. and your goals and objectives for the day are going to quickly disappear. When you leave your mail to later in the afternoon you leave your strongest thinking power for the key things in your day. 

#2 List Your 3 Top Goals for the Day

Our lives can quickly become overwhelmed with demands and distractions. The best way to keep control of your day is to immediately list your 3 top goals for the day when you get to the office. Research has shown that we can clearly remember three ideas, which is also why many professionals recommend that you only set three goals for the quarter, for the year, for the day, etc. When you start listing four or more goals you are not as equipped to identify threats and opportunities related to your goals. 

#3 Take Control of the Energy That Goes Into Decision Making Opportunities

You need to conserve your energy for many things, but especially your decision making energy. Your resources dictate your ability to make sound decisions. When you have too many tasks on your plate you cannot give each the energy it deserves to get the best results. 

This means you need to not think when there is no need to. It also means you need to become disciplined to ignore tasks that are not urgent. For example, if you are in a meeting, then turn off your smartphone so that you aren’t checking emails. Leave it until later when you have time to respond and save your thinking energy for the meeting you are in. 

These three simple things can ensure peak performance every day.


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