How to be a Better Manager in Today’s Economy

Being a manager is a role that many fill, but being a great manager is a role that only a handful fills. 

Most managers will at one time question themselves about how to be a better manager. Let’s look at some ways you can do that.

Adapting to the New Economy

With the new economy you don’t have to sell more, work longer hours, or work harder. What you do need to do is change the way you work. Ask yourself:

• What is the situation? This is a new reality and it’s still all about reliability, trust, and relationships.

• Who is involved?  Consider who your customer is, who your employees are, and who your prospects are.

• How can you assist? You need to determine what it is you can offer that’s unique whether that’s product, pricing, or something else.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

With the economy on the road to recovery your company may be feeling a little more strategic. Avoid these common mistakes.

• Keeping a business that is under performing. Get rid of businesses that aren’t performing. 

• Pushing growth. Just because you have more prospects that are promising does not mean you’ll enjoy growth. Take your time.

• Cut back on cost cutting. When things begin to improve some companies begin to think less about the economy. Now is not the time to be frugal. 

Spur on Innovation to Meet New Challenges

When you find yourself facing a new challenge you will need to come up with a new approach. There are ways to spur on innovation.

• Embrace new technology. Look to your younger employees to discover what technology they are using.

• Mobilize those individuals who are passionate about your idea or products. Connect with these individuals and their enthusiasm.

• Look outside of the company. If necessary don’t be afraid to look outside of your company talent reaching across those imaginary boundaries.

These are just a few ideas to help get you started in today’s changing economy.


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