How Familiar Are Your Staff With Company Policies and Procedures?

Organizations nowadays have so many moral, ethical and legal considerations to take account of that often they are overflowing with policies and procedures to cover every eventuality.

So numerous are these documents, however, that staff don’t always find the time (or the inclination) to read through new or existing protocols or the copious amendments that these typically require. In fact, not only might they be unaware of the contents of certain company documents, but also sometimes they are not even aware that the documents themselves exist.  

If managers don’t fulfill their obligation to communicate company policies and procedures effectively, though, they could very well be storing up trouble for the future.   It is said that the simplest solutions are always the best, and when it comes to ensuring that staff members do actually take responsibility for reading policy and procedural documentation, all it takes is for a copy of each new or amended document to be circulated to each team or departmental manager and for each of his or her staff members to sign the front of the document to indicate that they have read and understand its contents.  

This same system can be used to cover policies and procedures that affect employees company-wide, as well as those that relate to specific areas of the business; it is simple and foolproof and a great way for employers to cover their own backs.    

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