Hanging out at home

Today’s families are multi-taskers.

Parents both work or are single, and the kids are busy with school and extracurricular activities. There seems to be too little time to simply be together.  

In a recent study of 1,023 kids, 44.5 percent say they feel their time with their mother is rushed and 37 percent say that their time with their father is rushed.  

Children who feel they don’t get enough of their parents’ attention feel less grounded and more stressed. How to combat the rush? Just hang. You don’t have to drop everything you’re doing.  

You can hang out with your kids while both of you are doing other things. But you need to be able to quickly shift your full attention to a child at any moment. When they want to talk, put your papers down, face them and listen.  

The point is to focus on your children when they feel the need to talk.  

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