Guidelines for helping struggling employees

Let’s face it: Some employees simply don’t realize that they’re not doing their jobs well. You’ve got to tell them the truth without shattering their self-confidence.  


Here are some tips:  


  • Be prepared for resistance. Don’t be surprised to hear employees overestimate the quality of their work. Illustrate your case with evidence, such as mistakes the employee has made on projects, missed deadlines, and miscommunication.


  • Show them examples of good work. Establish concrete, clear expectations of the level of quality that you seek in the work that the employee does.


  • Focus on measurable performance. Set benchmarks that you’d like the employee to achieve by certain deadlines. Come up with a schedule that you both agree on, and make sure you include time for periodic updates that allow both of you the chance to discuss the employee’s performance.


  • Offer training. If you want an employee to improve, make certain that he or she has the means for shaping up. Give them permission to get more training.


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