Follow This Approach for Useful Feedback

Feedback is vital to a productive workplace, but managers don’t always know what it sounds like.

To give feedback that helps employees improve and grow, follow these guidelines:

•  Balance positive and negative feedback.  Praise employees for a job well done, when deserved. Note what they do well as often as the things they need to improve. 

• Aim for the right results. Be sure your feedback is based on a genuine desire to help workers do a better job, not to punish or hurt them.

• Focus on the conversation. Don’t split your attention. The more you focus on the worker while delivering your feedback, the better chance for real two-way communication.

• Use direct language. Vague or general statements don’t tell the worker what must be done. Use specific language and concrete examples.

• Remain objective. Don’t guess or assume anything about the employee’s motivations. Stick to the facts, and withhold judgments about others’ behavior.

• Deliver promptly. People process feedback more effectively when it’s delivered promptly, so the incident you’re discussing is fresh in their mind (and yours).

• Focus on immediate action. Offer realistic suggestions and options that the worker can carry out right away.

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