Fight burnout with these simple survival tactics

You know the symptoms: You don’t care about your work anymore, you dread going to your job every day, you’re no longer motivated to do your best, and your relationships with your co-workers are deteriorating.

If you’re suffering from job burnout, you owe it to your manager, your organization, and ultimately yourself to find a solution. Here are some ideas to explore:

• Take time for yourself. Devote part of your day to things that really matter to you personally instead of obsessing about work all the time. A regular break can replenish your energy.

• Rediscover your passion. Think about what really got you excited when you began your career. Does it still fire you up? Look for ways to bring that spark back into your job and your life.

• Seek support. Talk to your family, friends, and trusted co-workers about what’s going on. They’ll offer ideas and support, and you won’t feel as isolated and ignored.

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