Early to Rise…

If you are one of nature’s night owls, the prospect of rising at 5:30 every morning probably doesn’t hold much appeal.

Making an early start to the day, however, does have some serious benefits, including:  

  1. More quiet time to plan your daily activities so that you make the best use of every minute
  3. Enough time to eat a hearty breakfast before you launch into the day’s activities
  5. An earlier start and finish to your workday, if your employer permits flexible working hours, so you can spend more of the daylight hours enjoying quality family time or outdoor hobbies


Of course, switching from being a late riser to being an early riser does require some self-discipline, so here are a few tips to remember:  

  1. Never go to sleep at night without having a good reason for getting up early the next day.
  3. Set your alarm clock, but don’t activate the snooze function. As soon as the alarm goes off, jump straight out of bed.
  5. As soon as you get out of bed, get on with whatever it was that you planned the night before.
  7. Try scheduling early-morning meetings so that you have no choice but to rise early.
  9. Go to bed earlier and establish a good bedtime routine to ensure better-quality sleep. Sleep is one area where quality is usually infinitely better than quantity, and you may even find that you grow to need less sleep than you did previously.


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