Do your part to end conflict

One thing is certain—you will not always see eye to eye with everyone.

So you need to develop strategies for dealing with the people who rub you the wrong way.

Here are a few tips that will help you keep your cool:  

° Change your attitude. If you tell yourself that you’re dealing with a “difficult” co-worker, you can expect to encounter difficulty. But if you tell yourself that the person is “challenging,” the experience becomes invigorating.  

° Seek understanding first. Make an effort to see the world through your co-worker’s eyes, and you may see a solution to the challenge. At the least, you will gain empathy.   ° Leave stubbornness at the door. If you can’t convince someone to change, stop trying. Instead, look for ways you can live with the situation.  

° Find a bright side. Push yourself to answer this question: “What about this person or situation is good?” If you look, you can find something positive about anyone.    

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