Increase communication, leadership and persuasion skills of your team members to attract and retain quality clients to grow your business. Companies, businesses, associations and groups can book Matt Episcopo to train employees or other groups at your selected site. Conferences, meetings or staff meetings are popular events to book Matt for. Matt’s trainings are interactive, hands-on and guaranteed to be effective.


How to Gain the Upper Hand

Success begins before you walk through the door. Whether you’re talking about negotiations, networking, presentations or sales, you are set up for success or failure before the encounter even occurs. People are judged within the first seven seconds. Fair? No. True? Absolutely.

This training program helps you and your people set the stage to win, every time.

A few things you will learn:

Dress For Success

Matt teaches an easy to implement formula to ‘Dress for Success” based on research, indicating what factors are present on a person’s dress, that make them appear more credible. Credibility=trust=desired result.

Greeting Sequence

In Western culture, the handshake is a key point of contact. What does your handshake convey about you? Matt breaks down the full-body language and techniques behind a good handshake, which sets you up for success. He also teaches participants how to respond to poor handshakes like the limp fish and overly aggressive.

Take Command of the Situation

You establish yourself as a leader or follower by a few very subtle clues that your body language and actions leak. Learn what they are and how to take control of them- to establish yourself as the leader in every interaction.


Matt will work with you to build a custom training program for your business, that can include any of the topics below:

Time Management

Master each day and be more productive than ever.

Team Building

Create a highly effective team that produces the results you desire.

Public Speaking

Give an interesting, effective and memorable presentation.

Point of Impact

Make a strong first impression and establish yourself as a leader. Includes confidence and preparation, credible personal appearance and powerful greeting sequence.

Body Language

Learn to and decode the secrets of body language, to maximize effective communication.

Build Rapport

Learn an easy way to build rapport to enhance relationships under any situation.

Persuasion Process

How to convince others towards your desired result.


Learn effective techniques for this real-time lead generator, including proper preparation and plan attack for a networking opportunity; reading and decoding body language to qualify leads and making your “pitch”.

Testimonial Acquisition

Your sales or outreach team will learn easy-to-use, effective ways to gain testimonials and using them to your advantage.

Boost the power of your success


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Free Tips Of Generously Giving Value To Others

Giving to others is not only a great way to live, in the business world it can be profitable.

  • Learn to teach and inspire those around you.
  • When you give to others, you both win.
  • Giving creates a chain reaction that results in the best value from your team.