• Get workers’ brains ticking

    Need something new? Different? Innovative? Here are four ways to charge workers’ creativity so they come up with more fanciful ideas:

    • Brainwriting. Gather your employees. Have each person write down one idea, or solution, that he or she wants the group to consider. (more…)

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  • Tips for success in the workplace

    1. Dress appropriately. When you applied for your current job, you dressed appropriately. Continue to do so in the workplace. Make sure your clothes and hair are neat and clean. Don’t be too casual, even if your company has a casual dress code. Avoid overwhelming perfume and heavy makeup. (more…)

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  • Rid yourself of self-doubt

    As you move into a new position or take on a challenging project, the voice of self-doubt can be loud. How do you quell your doubts? Try this plan:

    • Step 1: Write down the negative thoughts. Simply list the doubts that plague your mind as you push into new territory. (more…)

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