• Some secrets to help keep you moving at work

    It can be tough to stay active if you work in an office. Let’s face it; most offices encourage a sedentary day. And sedentary days can lead to a few pounds gained here and there over time. So what’s an office worker to do to keep things moving and to shed those few extra pounds? Follow these tips:

    • Walk to work if you can. Or if you take the bus or train, get off a stop or two before your actual destination and walk the rest of the way to work. (more…)

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  • Winning people over to welcome change

    You’ve got a great proposal to make your workplace more efficient and effective. But getting your co-workers’ support is going to be tough. Here are a few rules that’ll smooth the way:

    • Know the sticking points. Never walk into a presentation without considering which issues will come up. Try to anticipate others’ concerns and reactions, and draw up a game plan to handle them.

    • Focus on the issues. Don’t take objections personally. Stick to the issues and your goals.

    • Gain understanding. Listen carefully to get to the bottom of objections and differences of opinion so you can move toward resolving the issues.

    • Ask for help. Seek the advice of mentors and people you respect. You’ll need the backup when you face resistance from colleagues.

    • Choose your battles. Remember that not all issues carry the same weight or importance. Select your battles, so you put your energies into the ones that count.

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  • Focus On Leadership

    Developing first-class management skills is obviously vital in the workplace and companies are often fairly generous in terms of internal and external management training courses. Being a good manager, however, isn’t the same thing as being a good leader, (more…)

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