Are You Using Your Time Wisely?

If we were to carry a stopwatch with us for just a single day and use it to calculate all the time that we waste at work, most of us would be pretty horrified.

All those minutes spent listening to other people’s gossip, passing the time of day with colleagues, surfing the Internet and checking personal e-mails add up and eat away at workers’ productivity. In many cases, they even lead to having to work longer hours than are really necessary.  

In our home lives, too, most of us are guilty of wasting precious time on activities that not only are unproductive but also don’t even provide us with maximum enjoyment. Watching TV, of course, is one of the biggest time hogs, and yet often people sit through programs complaining about what a load of trash they are.  

To use a memorable quote from the movie Vanilla Sky, “Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.” Making the most of every minute, though, means being discerning in terms of how you use those minutes. Take a good look at how you fritter away your time and ask yourself how it might be better spent.

Who knows? If you can manage to drop some of the activities and people who don’t contribute anything to your life, you might be able to leave work earlier and get more enjoyment out of your leisure time.    

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