Are You Prepared for Retirement?

Retirement – we look forward to it throughout a fair proportion of our working lives and yet when the day finally arrives when we can hang up our hats, the experience can not only be deeply disappointing, but positively destructive.

Partners who once craved more time in each other’s company suddenly find themselves tripping over one another, discover that they no longer have anything in common or nothing left to talk about, and then there are those endless hours of nothingness stretching ahead of them when they rise each morning.  

Developing new hobbies and interests and keeping up with friends and family might be difficult to fit in around the daily grind, but in the years (not weeks or months!) leading up to retirement they are essential in terms of building towards a new way of life which is satisfying and fulfilling.  

Without the colleagues that we used to see on a daily basis, we need other people to give us support and input, not to mention something to talk to our partners about at the end of the day. We need other interests to stop us becoming too reliant on the person that we are closest to, to keep our minds sharp and so that we retain a sense of purpose and adventure.  

Don’t leave it until after your final working day to think about how you are going to cope with retirement, but think and plan ahead to truly make the most of your golden years.    

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