Are You Letting Your Workers See the Bigger Picture?

For those at the top of an organization, the ability to see the bigger picture and think strategically is absolutely essential if the business is not to stagnate or be overtaken by the competition.

Lower down in most companies, the attitudes of workers tend to be much more “hands on” and “heads down” purely task-focused ones, and in most cases, employers are quite happy for these to predominate. Even for those in non-executive positions, though, having a clear vision of what the organization is trying to achieve, where it is aiming to get to and where the individuals themselves fit into the bigger picture is of vital importance if everyone is to be singing from the same hymn sheet.  

When organizational leaders choose to keep company strategies to themselves and not share them with their workers, they actually rob themselves of the creative ideas that the latter might have to offer, not to mention making it far more difficult for them to make decisions that are in line with the organization’s future goals and aspirations. In addition, though, when their employees can’t see where they fit into the bigger picture, they soon come to feel as though their work is meaningless, which in turn leads to them becoming actively disengaged from their work and their employers.  

While it isn’t always appropriate to share all the information to which organizational leaders are privy, sharing some can lead to a happier and more productive workforce.  

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