Are you a ‘mirror manager’?

“I can do it, why can’t you?” Some managers expect their employees to work and act just like them: “No, no, no! Not like that—like this.”

This mirror management style ignores the fact that everybody has different skills, work habits, and methods for getting things done.  

Mirror management is easy for you to apply, of course, in much the same way that zero-tolerance policies are easy to enforce:

You don’t have to think about anything; it’s up to your employees to adapt to your mandate. But who promised that management would be easy?  

It’s a high-stakes people game that demands your skills in psychology and communication in order for you to cultivate the potential of your employees.  

If you resort to a mirror management style—making employees perform tasks exactly the way you perform them, measuring employees’ success based on how accurately they matched your own work process—your organization as well as your employees will lose.  

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