8 Tips for Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad can be exciting and a great deal of fun.

When you get home, you’ll have all kinds of great memories from your overseas adventures. However, before you head off traveling abroad you’ll want to read these great tips.


  1. To start with you’ll need to get your passport. Apply early because it can take some time. If you are planning to work or freelance while you are abroad you’ll need a visa.


  1. Become current on the laws and customs of the country or countries you’ll be visiting. It’s much better to be prepared then find yourself in a bunch of trouble because you didn’t understand the laws and customs.


  1. Watch for travel warnings that are posted. Both Canada and the US post travel warnings related to civil unrest, illness or disease concerns, or concerns pertaining to the weather.


  1. Through the State Department register with the US Embassy that is nearest to where you will be. You can do this easily online. By registering, should there be a disaster the government will know where you are. This information is kept private but should an evacuation be necessary it’s very important information.


  1. Have a copy of your passport that you leave with family or friends. You should also leave a detailed itinerary with them, and copies of any other important documents. Register with the Embassy so that your family can get in contact with you should an emergency occur.


  1. Purchase travel insurance so that you are covered for any medical emergency that occurs, or if you need to be evacuated because of political unrest, a natural disaster, or something else.


  1. Remember you should never leave your luggage unattended. Drug dealers watch for luggage that’s been left unattended to move drugs, and should you become an unsuspecting career you could go to jail.


  1. Leave all your designer clothing and jewelry at home. You set yourself up as a target for a thief when you are traveling abroad. Blending with the locals is the best way for you to travel abroad.

  Enjoy your time traveling abroad!  


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