7 Tips to Make Managing Easier

Being a manager can be a rewarding career, but it’s not without its challenges.  

Here are 7 tips to make managing easier and for things to run smoother in your work environment.

1. Always be prepared for the day ahead. There are all kinds of things that can happen in a day and many of them you can be prepared for in advance. Your experience as a manager should help you to be better prepared and ready to handle what comes up throughout the day.

2. Take the time to get to know your employees. You need to spend some time with each of your employees so you get to know their personalities and how well they perform in their jobs. Learn what their goals are, what they like/dislike about their job, what their strengths/weaknesses are, etc.  This will make it easier for you to engage with them and to place them well.

3. Focus on the what rather than the how. Focus on what needs to be done and spend less time on becoming too picky up how it gets done as long as it’s done right and meets all health and safety regulations. 

4. Always practice active listening. It is one of the most important skills you have as a manager. Make the most use out of it.

5. Be clear about what your expectations are and make sure that all of your employees know what those expectations are and what the vision of the department and the company are. 

6. As the manager, it’s pretty difficult to be your employees’ friend. You must be clear about your role, especially if you once were part of the employee pool and were promoted.

7. As a manager don’t expect your day to end when your shift ends. You’ll be spending a lot more hours working at work and even at home. You’ll arrive earlier and leave later. Get used to the longer hours.


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