7 Tips to Becoming an Excellent HR Professional

There are HR professionals and then there are HR professionals that are excellent at what they do. 

If you are striving to be the later, here are some tips to help you.

  1. Choose an HR specialty and master in that. It will make you unique and you will stand out from the rest.
  2. As an HR leader it is important that you have a talented HR team. You need to hire HR team members that are good. If you have too many average players on your team your team will not thrive and they will not help employees in the way they should.
  3. HR results are important but what’s even more important is the relationships that you make are worth their weight in gold and should not be overlooked just for the results. 
  4. Embrace and encourage feedback on your performance and the performance of your team. Make sure you create regular face to face meetings so that you can clarify issues and deal with them. Listen to the feedback and then address the concerns at hand.
  5. Each morning before you start your day right up the 6 things that you have to get done that day. Write them in their order of importance and do them in that exact order. 
  6. Set aside one hour every week to manage your own career. It’s easy to get really busy and not think about your career. Managing your career keeps you up to date and ready for the headhunters should the need arise. In doing this step you will never feel trapped in the position you are currently in. As a result, you will then do better at your current position.
  7. Compassion is important when you are dealing with employees. The better you are able to understand where they are coming from the better you will be able to help them. 

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