6 Recruitment Tips for Human Resource Managers

If you are a human resource manager responsible for hiring, you may think you’ve already seen it all; or perhaps you are new to the hiring process and could use some pointers.


Either way, these 6 recruitment tips for hiring managers are worth reading.  


  1. Carefully Read Resumes

You can save yourself a great deal of time and hassle by giving the resume the attention it deserves. Read all the details carefully including experience, skills, and personal data. It will give you a much better picture of the candidate.  


  1. Start With a Phone Interview

Once you have a shortlist you can shorten it yet again by simply starting with a quick phone interview. You can find out what the candidate’s real interests are and whether they would make a good fit with your company just by asking a few simple questions.  


  1. The in Person Interview

Now that your list is a little shorter it is time to start meeting with the candidates in person.  


  1. Brief the Candidate

Tell the candidate key points about the client that he/she needs to know to decide if this is a company they would like to work with.  


  1. Discuss Salary Expectations

Ask the candidate what his/her expectations are when it comes to salary. If the salary for the position is within range of the candidate’s expectations you can open up a dialogue on wages. However, if the gap between what the candidate wants and what the company is paying is too extreme you can eliminate the candidate at this stage.  


  1. Ask the Right Questions

A good interview is made up of several different areas. Make sure in addition to this criteria you are asking relevant questions for the job the candidate will be performing in order to assess competency.   There you have it – six key areas of the recruitment process that can keep you on budget and finding the right candidate quickly.  


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