5 HR Tips to Create a Performance Review That’s Effective

An employee’s performance review is an important part of building a company that’s effective. 

Like recruiting wisely allows you to get much better talent, performance reviews when done wisely will allow you to develop much better talent. However, to conduct a good review takes practice, but is definitely worth the time you put into perfecting it. These 5 HR tips will help you to create an effective review.

1. The best performance reviews have employees participate in a process of self assessment. This celebrates an employee’s strong points, identifies areas that need work, and helps to motivate an employee.

2. Use employee self assessment to keep the communication focused and on track. It’s an excellent tool to address areas for growth and acknowledge an employee’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s much easier to have a proactive conversation, because the employee will not feel defensive. 

3. The performance review form you create should reflect the goals and values of your company. Whether you modify an existing form or create a new form from scratch you need to be consistent. Make sure that all employees are familiar with the process and use the review to create a strong team. When a company uses a standard performance review for all employees it builds trust in your management team.

4. Use a conversational style to review the employees performance review. Don’t just sit there and read the review out loud. Make sure there is a two sided conversation on the go. This is extremely beneficial to both management and employee. It will make the employee feel much more comfortable about the monitoring and review process. Make sure the employee always gets a copy of the review.

5. There should be a regular schedule in place for performance reviews. In other words, employees should know how often they are conducted. Some companies conduct reviews every 90 days while others conduct once a year. This is entirely up to the company and its management team. If you have an employee who is underachieving you may want to conduct more frequent reviews. 

Even seasoned management can find performance reviews a daunting task. If your review practices are goal orientated it will be much easier.

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