4 Work Tips for Higher Productivity

Our workplaces are busy places that put high demands on our time and have high productivity expectations.

These 4 work tips can help you with higher productivity.

#1 Find Your Quality Thinking Time and Then Guard It

How much time would you say you have set aside for quality thinking time? This is the time when you really focus and accomplish what you were focused on achieving in the time from you planned to do it in.

In today’s workplace the amount of time that is used for quality thinking continues to decline. Our connected world makes it virtually impossible to find this time. The solution is to pick a time for your quality thinking which includes deeper problems solving, writing, and creative work. Earlier in the day is best and so is earlier in the week, so keep this in mind. Turn off your phone and any other distractions and get busy.

#2 Hold Meetings During Your Time When Your Focus is Low

Once you find the time where you can maximize your quality time no longer use that for meetings. Look for the times when your energy is the lowest and use this time for your meetings. Meetings don’t usually need you to be operating at your peak performance so determine when your energies are low and make use of that time.

#3 Single Task as Often as You Can

These days we all focus with multi-tasking, but actually multi-tasking tends to lead to a decrease in your performance and a higher rate of mistakes. Instead, try to single task any chance you get. If you have two things you need to take care of, rather than trying to do both, do one then the next. 

#4 Make Sure You Have Down Time

Work..work… work… While this may seem to be a great way to be productive, the truth is, our brains need some downtime, because without it we are not as sharp as we could be. Shut your devices off when you are in transit and don’t turn your smartphone on first thing in the morning. Those little breaks for your brain can really be helpful. In addition, taking a ten minute nap in the afternoon and be very refreshing. 

These four simple tasks can significantly increase your productivity.


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