4 Important Tips for New Managers

If you are a new manager and you haven’t done this type of job before, chances are you are at least a little nervous, because you certainly don’t want to blow it. 

Sure, you’re a nice person and you have integrity and lots of organization skills, but do you have vision, strategy, and the ability to execute? Without the right skills, you could be a babbling idiot. Let’s look at 4 important tips for new managers. 

#1 Learn All About the Business

You will feel tempted to walk in and start to overhaul the business – stop! That’s not a wise thing to do unless you know everything you need to know about the business. Instead for the first several months, preferably at least 6, unless overhauling was part of the job, and just spend that time watching what’s going on, listening to conversations and learning everything there is to learn about the business as it is now. Be humble and grow into your job. 

After that, you can start to make some changes, but make sure they are small or you will upset your employees and you’ll land up be being less productive and not more.

#2 Take the Time to See Each Person Separately

Do not make judgments based on what others have told you about certain employees, even if it’s another manager. Meet the person and get a feel for them yourself. Find out about them!

#3 Don’t Forget to Set Objectives

You’re the new kid on the block, so you are going to have to set some ground rules and let your staff know what your expectations are right from the beginning. To begin with, set short goals that they can achieve. Always establish a time line to measure their progress. By working together to achieve new objectives, you will draw your team together. 

#4 Relax

It’s important to appear relaxed even if you aren’t. Those new managers that look like they’ve been dropped into a shark tank are going to become the bait for the current employees who will almost always tend to have a little fun. So relax and don’t let them know you are scared of them.

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