3 Tips to Resolving Management – Employee Conflicts

Employees often have differences of opinions between them and managers and employees also can have differences of opinion that can affect productivity either positively or negatively. 

If the clash becomes ugly the conflict can be damaging to relationships between employees and between manager and employees. These 3 tips will help you to resolve these conflicts. 

Start by identifying common ground. Point out what you both parties agree on at the start of the conversation. This could be a shared goal, a set of operating rules, procedures, etc. Whether it is between two employees or management and employees identifying the common ground can make it much easier to resolve the conflict. 

Make sure that you hear out the employee. Let the employee(s) share their opinion and give details on his/her point of view. Don’t be too quick to make a judgment on their opinion, without first listening to the whole story. Only then, will you be able to successfully work through the conflict.

Be ready to propose a solution. Once you have gathered all of the necessary information you can begin to propose a solution that incorporates his/her viewpoint and be dissimilar from what you first thought. The most successful conflict resolutions results in a resolution that the employee and manager are happy with. However, that said, sometimes that is just not an option. In these situations you are going to have to provide a solution that you expect the employee(s) to carry out whether they agree or not. 

A manger that has strong conflict resolution skills will have a much stronger management team than a manager who is lacking these skills. After all, there will always be conflict in the workforce and knowing how to quickly resolve it is an important trait.


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