10 Tactics that boost team creativity

Add one or more of the following creative pick me-ups to your daily routine, and encourage your teammates to do the same.

Asking your teammates to take a more creative approach to daily tasks may provide the spark your team needs to unlock its inner genius.

Mark the items that intrigue you and then pick one to start with:

• Take a daily brainstorming walk with a teammate.

• Spend more time with people from different departments.

• Block off time on your calendar for creative thinking.

• Decorate your office with inspiring quotes and images.

• Ask “What’s the worst thing that could happen if …?”

• Schedule time with the smartest people in your organization.

• Create a personal think tank—your own advisory board.

• Imagine you already know the answer to a problem. What is it?

• Ask “How can I meet my goal in half the time?”

• Invite five people to suggest ways to improve your idea.


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