10 HR Tips Every Manager Should Know

There’s all kinds of training that’s offered to management teams around the world, and much of this training has helped many managers. 

In a nutshell, these 10 HR tips are discussed in almost all management training, so now’s a good time to share.

1. Don’t count on the open door policy being sufficient. You are going to have to walk away from your computer and make time to talk to employees. Don’t wait for them to come and see you because that seldom works on its own without management taking the first step.

2. Be sure to discuss with your employees what it is they want. If you are going to lead employees you need to know what it is that motivates them.

3. You need to be flexible. After all, does it matter how, when, or where the work gets done. In some cases it does but in others it doesn’t. The more flexible you are the more motivated your employees are.

4. Make sure that you are human and take an interest in your employees. Ask them about their families, their activities, etc. Share information with them but don’t share too much as to cause them embarrassment. Employees are much more receptive to managers that act as humans rather than robotic.

5. Make sure that you provide regular feedback to your employees. Let people know how they are doing throughout the year, not just at their yearly performance review.

6. Help employees play up their strengths. Pride is a very strong motivator.

7. Appreciate your employees and the talents they bring to the workplace. Make sure your employees know that you appreciate them.

8. The workplace isn’t fair. The sooner you recognize this the easier things get. After all, everyone is different. Address poor performance and reward good performance.

9. Help your team to bond so that they will work together better.

10. Help your employees to achieve the career goals they’ve set.

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