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Top Keynote Motivational Speaker, Author, Coach and Trainer Matt Episcopo
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Let me help you. I’ve been there. Hi, I’m Matt Episcopo. As a highly decorated law enforcement veteran and the author of "How To Gain The Upper Hand, P.O.W.E.R. Tactics That Get Leaders Results" I have helped thousands of people just like you. I have more than 21 years of law enforcement experience and more than 3,000 hours of specialized training. Through structure, discipline and training I have learned the secrets. You don’t need to learn every strategy under the sun to be successful. I will deliver content that actually works based on my work in the trenches, under fire, not theory. It is organized, systematized and easy to do.

Your investment is in your self, not me. I take great pride in offering products and services that produce results. I am willing to take all the risk, are you willing to take the next step? If you partner with me and fail to find value, I will give you your money back, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am looking forward to partnering with you and bragging about your success!

Matt's father Rocco proudly served in the United States Navy in the Korean War on the Battleship Wisconsin. Matt's mother Janet proudly served in the United States Army. Matt served 8 of his 21 years of law enforcement service with his partner K9 Cyclone.

Matt Episcopo gives back to not for profit's and supports our military as well as K9's. This is the charitable partner.

“Matt’s presentation was not typical for our conference. It was refreshing, informative and we thoroughly enjoyed it”.

Junita Lariby SUNY Cortland

“If you ever have the opportunity to see Matt speak you should take advantage of that opportunity”.

Dr. Janet Bruno M.D.

“Great concrete strategies I can begin to use today”.

Kathy Houghton Superintendent NY Mills School District

“Immediately useful tools for business and everyday life”.

Fred Monaco New York State United Teachers

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Matt Episcopo's book How To Gain The Upper Hand, POWER Tactics That Get Leaders Results!!! is for people looking for personal development and leadership skills. Purchase the book after one of Matt's inspirational sepaches

P.O.W.E.R. Tactics That Get Leaders Results!!!

Here are just a few of the skills you will learn in this book:

How To Create A Point Of Impact: Build confidence, trust and rapport in under 10 seconds by using this secret sequence used by expert interrogators. Take your first impression to a whole new level and make a lasting positive first impression.


Secrets of Body Language: Learn how to see 80% more than you do now and use it to your advantage. Follow their clues like a pro… people call Matt the "psychic detective" and he will teach these skills to you.


Decoding & Interpreting Nonverbal Communication: Their bodies are leaking clues, and yours might be, too. This could be the difference between deal and no deal.


How To Secretly Use NLP: Matt has been called a "human polygraph".  The eyes will show you where where to take your conversation with out them even knowing. Matt will show you how to add this powerful weapon to your arsenal.


How To Instantly Build And Maintain Rapport: with anyone… Think about it, Matt built rapport with criminals, like rapists, murderers, and thieves, who knew his goal was to put them in jail for what they did. Learn the secret so you can do it too.


Membership program for people looking for communication skills, leadership and team building training and networking.

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If you were going to be on a team wouldn't you want to be on the best? - Navy Seal

Matt Episcopo Inner Circle Membership Programs are designed to save you time and money so you can focus on what is important to you. Which level are you going to take advantage of?


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